The Revolution III $4,250
Now includes pure-sine-wave UPS + Neutrik® DC connector for our new Baetis PSU
Now with AES standard!



The Revolution III, like all Baetis servers, uses JRiver Media Center, the best media playing software. The Baetis computer can rip and play CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. And it can play any audio file format, including professionally ripped SACDs, downloaded PCM and DSD files (the audio format in SACDs), either in 2-channels or multi-channel, and at any sampling rate or bit depth. For the audiophile who likes to watch and listen to multi-channel concerts or movies, the Baetis also produces video that is world-class. Baetis servers are the ONLY audiophile/videophile computer with two (2) separate HDMI outputs. This is necessary when the user’s world-class multi-channel pre/pro does not do a truly great job at isolating video from audio. In some cases, the pre/pro’s audio AND its video are greatly enhanced via sending only MCh audio to the pre/pro via HDMI output #1, and sending video directly to the projector via HDMI output #2. It doesn’t matter if you are a 2-channel-only enthusiast, or a multi-channel lover, or someone with both a good DAC and a good pre/pro in your room – the Baetis line-up of servers provides the very best audio and video – better than even the most highly acclaimed universal disc players.